Monday, September 25, 2017

{Answers added} Amazon quiz time - Play and win iphone 8

As we know guys Amazon India is regularly giving us opportunities to win by taking part in their quiz. So today Amazon came up with another amazing quiz: Play and win iPhone 8 and to make it easy for you we have added answers to the quiz.

How to take part in Amazon India's quiz:
  • Download and install Amazon app.( If you have not installed  )

  • Open Amazon app on your mobile phone.(Only available in Mobile app)
  • You'll see a banner like this 
  • Simply click on it. Now you'll see the instructions to play
  • click on start and answer all the questions correctly to be eligible to win the prize.
Answers to the Quiz :
1.Which processor does the iPhone 8 run on? 
        Answer - A11 Bionic chip
2.Which of these features is available on the iPhone 8?
        Answer - Wireless Charging
3.The iPhone 8 will be available in __GB and 256 GB capacities
       Answer - 64 Gb
4.What is Apple’s intelligent voice assistant called?
       Answer - Siri

5. The iPhone 8 will NOT be available in which of these colors?
       Answer - Rainbow
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